Thursday, June 12, 2008

Buffalo Triathlon Results

1. Complete the damn race

2. Complete the race without stopping for rest during any of the events (no treading water, no walking my bike up a hill and no walking during the run. If I'm in a crash, wipe out or just plain drowned it doesn't count.)

3. Swim goal of 36 minutes. (I'm afraid I might be as much as ten minutes off because I'll be so cold and unable to breathe in the water, but I'm still gonna tri-my-damndest)

4. Bike goal of a 3:15min/mile pace.

5. Run goal of 8:00min/mile pace.

My times were:

Swim: 36:27 ( This was the closest of my individual time goals that I missed out on)

T1: 3:49 (What the hell was I doing for so damn long? Almost four minutes and I didn't have clip on shoes for my bike...)

Bike: 1:25:58 (I was off my 1:21:15 goal by a little less than four minutes, which I'm super happy about!)

T2- Judgement Day: 1:23 (Which is wierd because the second I dismounted the bike, I did nothing but jog to my spot, drop my bike off and helmet and ran through the transition area... I think the transition area was just really, really big... )

Run: 1:01:46 (Which missed my goal by an Imperial fuck-ton! Which is a unit measurement I hope the likes of you never has to encounter.... I was off by 12 minutes and 36 seconds.)

In my division I placed 106/110. Out of all the racers identified as males I placed 259/277. And out of everyone doing the Olympic Distance Race I placed 327/358.

If I were to look at those final stats on where I placed I'd probably feel pretty bummed about the whole ordeal...

I'm not! I loved this race! I completed the two most important goals I set out for myself.

The run totally and unexpectedly kicked my ass more than I could have ever imagined. I came sooooo close on three different occasions at the end of the run where I almost gave up and walked the rest of the course... But I held in there. Considering the final three water stations RAN OUT OF FUCKING WATER, I'm proud of myself for not giving up. It was the worst feeling I've had during any sort of training or exercise... Even worse than any activity I did while training in the Army. Basically I took that as a message from the race organizers that I need to run faster next time, so I'll get the water BEFORE it runs out.

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